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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Islamic Videos: Massih-e-maud has reached in your Homes

All Muslims oldest comsept that the Massih-e-Moud will come after the Khatemnabiyyin.
This a Muslim story of Yousif and Yaqub in whic Hazrat Yaqub is telling to Hazrat Yousif that Massih-e-Moud will come after Khatemnabiyyin. Listen

                                                  &nbs p; According to the saying of  Hazrat Muhammad SAW (peace be upon him )Imam Mehdi has com at the right time

Friday, 11 November 2011

worst creature under the sky

According to the saying of hazrat Muhammad SAW peace be upon him the Mullah of this century is the worst creature under the sky. It is true, Look in this video

Check how is this molvi

Now check this difference Anti-Ahmadiyya leader VS Ahmadiyya Muslim Khalifa - sign of obedience

A Truth that is hidden Look in this vidio

A second vidio

what happened in national Assembly in 1974